To Rachel

By her First Cousin, Kristin Janson

Life is just a resting place,
A step along the way.
A place where we can laugh and love,
But we were never meant to stay.

For some the journey is quick,
For some the journey is slow.
No matter, for when our time is up,
Into Jesus' arms we will go.

Even though you went before me,
I know a part of you remains.
Although I cannot see you,
Your loving presence stays the same.

Now I cannot touch you
But you are closer than before.
Now you live inside my heart.
I will have you there forever and more.

Before the roads were dark,
With no end in sight.
I am not scared anymore,
Because I have you as my guiding light.

I know one day again I will hold your hand
and you will take me to meet our Son of man.